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Before I show you where I do all of my knitting, I have to show your how awesome my window is. Look at that. I get crazy amounts of light from it, regardless of what the weather is doing, and I have a very pleasant view of the pretty brick buildings on my campus. Now I’m going to show you where I knit. Keep in mind that I live in a dorm.

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I do most of my knitting while sitting at my desk in my $20 folding chair from Target. It’s pretty comfy. I like sitting there because of how awesome my window is during the day. People think it’s a bit odd that I have nothing on my walls, but my wonderful window reflects light off of my white walls. It makes my room so cheerful and pleasant, especially at my desk. Now that I don’t knit from patterns as often, working at my desk is a must because I can record info easily. I tend to take row by row notes (don’t judge my crazy) and I can do it really quickly on my computer. I also keep post it notes everywhere with knitting info. You can see the stack on my desk and a few on the wall, but there are way more directly to the left of those. My desk has my other knitting essentials like Jolly Rancher’s and a giant stack of ska and psychobilly CDs. The second photo is of my nook. That’s where I take almost all of my pictures for my blog. I sit or stand on that table so you can’t see how messy and/or cluttered my room is.

DSC_1934 DSC_1933

Directly behind my red chair is my tripod set up, my smaller giant bag of yarn, and bookshelf with more knitting essentials. I leave my tripod set up all of the time so I can take some quick photos whenever I need them. On my book shelf we have most (some are out by our TV) of my DVDs on the top shelf. I watch a lot of DVDs when I’m knitting. The second shelf has mostly school books and a few books that I would like to have time to read for funzies or that are my favorites. You might notice that most of my books relate to the Classics. The hilarious thing is that I’m an English major. I’ve taken two Classics courses this year and I’ve bought and read more books for those than any of my English courses. Weird, right? Anyways, the bottom shelf has my big books and those are almost all related to crafty stuff. Some are for inspiration; there’s a book on New York Fashion that covers all of the 20th century and a book of 50s advertisement. Some are reference books. Some are pattern books.

I just wanted to add a quick apology for the suck of the pictures. Those of you who regularly read my blogs have probably seen some of the top three pictures before. There was a campus wide power outage all day so I couldn’t get online and find out what today’s topic was until pretty late last night. Taking pictures of a dorm room with horrible over head lighting is never going to turn out too great. The plus side of the power outage is that I picked cleaning my room as my chosen method of procrastination so it was clean enough to be photographed.

Speaking of photographs… Those of you who liked yesterday’s arbitrary photo should check out this awesome knitting pattern.

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  1. Great pictures- I usually knit/spin/weave to psychobilly too but I have an allergy to ska- it brings me out in a rash lol.Your work space looks similar to mine- right next to a window with white walls to reflect the light ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. D'you mean Classics as in Greek/Roman ? Some fabulous stories amongst them ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love your sunglasses earings ๐Ÿ™‚ so cute!

  4. What a lovely space! I have a very specific space for writing, but I just knit wherever.

  5. It's a great space! I love natural light…I also love the arbitrary photo from yesterday – my son is obsessed with deep ocean critters, so I showed him the picture. He loved it!

  6. Three things. 1) I love your style. So unique! Are those sunglasses earrings I spy? 2) That's a dorm room?? Wow. Dorms have improved drastically since I lived in them. 3) If those are 'bad pictures', my pictures really, really suck.

  7. I think they need to give you a bigger dorm room lol everyone knows knitters need room for stash.

  8. I just discovered your blog because of the blog week, and I LOVE your pictures! I re-ran a picture on my blog today, too, because I just couldn't stand a wide expanse of text.

  9. Great knitting set up! And I love the fish pattern link.

  10. Not weird, no. Your learning does not have to be attached to a class.

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