It’s in the mail!

I had been trying to avoid this for as long as possible. Avoidance helped my wallet and made me support my LYS. Last week I had to give in and order craft supplies online.


I ordered new yarn to reknit my blue cardigan. I’m actually half way done with it and this was the only hank of yarn that I haven’t balled yet. I got it from Jimmy Beans Wool and damn did it come fast! I ordered it on a Sunday and had it by Tuesday or Wednesday. They drew a cute smiley face on my receipt and tucked some peppermints into the package. It gave me the warm fuzzies when I opened up my parcel.

It appears that I’ve started down a dark path because last night I realized that I didn’t have the right size buttons for my red cardigan and I ordered some on Etsy. And then I decided that I needed to knit this cardigan a third time so I ordered more yarn for that. Oh dear. Ordering supplies online is way too convenient. I have an excuse in that I’m stranded at school without a car and didn’t plan on knitting this sweater a million times so I didn’t stash that much yarn while I was at my parents but still… I hope this doesn’t become a habit. I don’t think it will get too bad because I like to touch stuff and see what the colors look like in person and you just don’t get the same experience buying stuff online.

You probably read that paragraph and were wondering why I’m knitting this sweater a third time. I’m in the process of writing the pattern for the cardigan. I decided to knit a different size than the one I originally wrote the pattern in to make sure my grading makes sense. I’m only going to be able to offer the pattern in three sizes which really bothers me. I can get the pattern to work with a 34 inch bust, 38 inch bust and 42 inch bust. I can’t figure out how to grade for more sizes without screwing up the eyelet pattern around the neckline. I’d like to be able to offer a 30 inch bust and a 46 inch bust but I don’t think it’s going to happen. The perfectionist in me doesn’t even want to publish a pattern with so few sizes despite the fact that people self publish patterns on Ravelry with only one size available. I’m probably being too hard on myself.






  1. I love that about some yarn companies… the service they provide is excellent.

  2. that's great that you got your yarn so fast! the red will be lovely. That's too bad about the sizes- I'm a 32". but maybe going down in yarn weight and needle size will work?

  3. Julie: That might work. I think I'm going to get my notes out, stare blankly at them for a few hours and see if I can figure out a way to make more sizes work. The limited sizes are really driving me crazy.

  4. Thanks for coming over to my little blog last week! I LOVE this sweater…bravo to your lovely design!

  5. Oh, I love Jimmy Beans! I think of them as my LYS…across the country 🙂 I'm impressed that you have three sizes available, really! Anything more would be gravy. I guess that's not a compliment coming from a vegetarian. Um, anything more would be icing on the cake.

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