My friend Sarah and I went to the Proctor Farmers Market this morning. There weren’t a lot of fruit and vegetables but there were a lot of beautiful bouquets of flowers.



They had quite a few booths selling gardening supplies and seedlings. I’m so glad it’s finally spring!


One of my favorite things about this particular farmers market are the dogs. Everyone from the neighborhood brings their dogs with them. This fellow was too cute to pass by.


My big purchase was some goat cheese and a baguette. Nom. Goat cheese is my favorite cheese. I was hoping to get some fruit too but I didn’t see anything that appealing.


This is what I wish I could have bought. Okay, so it wasn’t really at the farmers market but whatever. It was in the window of a store we walked past on our way back to campus. You can see my red coat and bag in the reflection.


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