Couch Pirate


My dog Bean is a couch pirate. If both of us are on the couch at my parents’ house and I get up for whatever reason, she’ll commandeer my seat. At first I thought that she stole my seat because it was the best place to see the whole room. I once decided to see if that was the reason so I sat at the opposite end of the couch. I got up to find some scissors and guess who scuttled over to my seat? My fat dog.


I guess my fat dog is looking more ridiculous than cute at the moment. She had to get two stitches on her head and so she has an undignified bald spot there. My sister (who is home at the moment) alleged that she would send me pics. Bean is fine other than the cut. My mom’s yak (below) had kicked her.







  1. aww… poor doggy. Maybe she takes your seat because it's the warm spot?

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