Thrift Store Finds

I hit my favorite thrift store while I was home for spring break. I always find great loot there.


I bought some white suspenders. I had mixed feelings about suspenders because I have a large chest but I like the way these sit on me. Only the back is elasticized on these so the fronts don’t have to sit tight against my chest in order to function. Suspenders always remind me of carnies and the circus.

DSC_1457 DSC_1463

I also bought some Levi’s shorts. They were super long so I cut them off and I still have enough length to cuff them. They remind me of Tobias Fünke so I privately refer to them as my never-nude shorts. I make myself a new pair of cut offs every summer. I used to use old jeans that I had ripped the knee on or damaged some how. The problem is that all of my old jeans are pretty low cut and are very faded. I’m not super keen on either look anymore so I think my future cut offs will be made from thrift store finds like these. I love cut offs in the summer because I can beat the crap out of them while wearing them and it just makes the shorts look better.


And now for something completely different. I tried on this 90s floral dress as a joke but I got kind of attached to it so it had to come home with me. My friend and I dubbed it my Jen Lindley dress because we had been watching waaaayyy too much Dawson’s Creek and it reminded us of the clothing on the show. The dress is just colorful, stretchy, and comfy. I love dresses with those qualities for lazy days and sick day.

DSC_1432 DSC_1418

I was going to write a little bit here about how I’ve been seeing 90’s clothing labeled as vintage but I think I’ll save that because it really has nothing to do with the topic of this post.






  1. I love the first outfit, you look like an early 90's Riot Grrl, super cute!

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