Overdressed and Cold

I haven’t done a ramble-about-dressing-myself post in a while so new readers be warned. That’s what this is.

Anyways, you may have noticed that I have a love for dresses and skirts. Frequently I’m faced with two basic problems because of this. Problem #1: I feel overdressed sometimes. Some things that I like to wear look too much like work wear or too formal. Problem #2: I have to keep in mind the weather now. I’m from California and I still tend to buy clothes that reflect that. At the base of most of my outfits will be something summery. I wear sleeveless tops and dresses year round and make them weather appropriate by throwing on some layers.

Those were the problems that plagued me with the purple dress I wore yesterday. Out of my giant cardigan collection, the only one that looked right with the dress was my Veronica cardigan. That cardigan was too warm for the spring weather and it also looks a bit too dressy to me because of how it matches the dress overly well. When I wear the dress I often feel like I look like I should be going to a party or something. Yesterday I tried to figure out a way to casual-down and warm-up the dress. I tried on a million sweaters and none of them really worked for me. They all had color and/or cut issues I was staring at my teal H&M knit dress in my closet and found myself wishing I had a sweater that color because it would work well with the colors in the floral dress. Then I remembered a sewing pattern I own.


It’s Simplicity 3673. It’s a reprint of a vintage pattern and it features a very similar neckline to the dress in question. With the styling of the pattern in mind, I finally came up with a way to make my dress warm enough and more casual.


I layered the purple dress over my teal dress and it worked! I was pretty pleased with myself because I love the dress and really wanted it to work in my wardrobe. I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with my two problems in most outfits so it this dress was particularly frustrating. The long term (and now secondary solution) is to knit a more casual sweater to go with the dress. I already have yarn that picks up the yellow in the dress but it will have to wait awhile because I have so much that I want to knit before it.

Purple Floral Dress: H&M – Teal Dress: H&M – Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Does anyone else have the problem that when it comes to blog content, when it rains, it pours? I have very little to write about for ages and then I have so much stuff at once that I have to space it out over weeks. Does that happen to anyone else?






  1. i get exactly the same problem and turn up at uni all the time looking like i'm going to either a party or the some high powered office job. although this only bothers me at uni, in any other aspect of my life i don't mind just being overdressed!!

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