Winter Hair Clips

Some recent rainy weather has forced me to bring my favorite hat back out. I don’t like hoods so I always wear a woolly hat (this one is actually alpaca) to keep the majority of my hair dry. This summer/fall, I knit some bow hair clips that I quite enjoy wearing. Hats conflicted with the hair clips because they sat weirdly on top of them and I had to take them out. Earlier this winter I figured out a way to wear my hair clips with my hat and when the weather got nice I promptly forgot about sharing it.


I discovered that the curler clips that I use to make hair clips slide beautifully between the stitches on the band of my favorite hat.


See? No damage and it gives me a chance to add a bit of variety to a kind of plain hat. I have no idea why my plainest hat is my favorite. I’ve knit hats with cables, lace, and bobbles in ever color imaginable but this is the only one I really wear.


A small word of warning if you decide to try this: Avoid hair clips with teeth. They’re probably going to do damage to your hat. The clips I use are smooth. The other thing that you’ll need to keep in mind is the size of your clip in relation to the gauge of your hat. The ribbing of my hat was knit on 3.75mm needles and the legs of the clip are 3mm. I wouldn’t use a clip that was any bigger than that for this hat and I wouldn’t use these clips on a finer gauge hat.

And finally, I know that this is going to be extremely redundant and obvious but I’m going to write up how I like to make my little knit hair bow clips. There are so many patterns out there with no shaping that suggest you use bobby pins to wear them. Bleh.

ETA: Okay, maybe it will be less redundant than I thought. I searched “Knit Hair Bows” on Ravelry and only got seven patterns, one of which was my own Dapper pattern.






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