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These are my favorite shoes. They’re made by Jeffrey Campbell and have nothing to do with this post.

This evening, instead of working on my paper on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, reading Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of Roman Empire, or reading about Christians in Rome, I played around with the new pages features. I wrote an “About Me” kind of blurb because I never properly introduced myself with this blog. I sort of just jumped in with it. Feel free to read that if you’d like more information than you’d ever want on how I got into my hobbies of choice. I tried to cover the things that I always wonder about other bloggers and ended up writing a novel. I also made a page to keep together all the knitting patterns and how to’s that I share here. Those were listed in the side bar for about a week but they looked too cluttered there so hooray for pages! They’re lurking there under my header.

For the record, I’m really sick of Rome and only one of those assignments is for a class that is actually about Rome.






  1. I adore your blog!!!! you are so creative and i enjoy your "ramblings" as i like to ramble , too ! I can't wait to make a floral head-band to hide my limpy hair ! i will be following you , too !

  2. My fave shoes are by Jeffrey Campbell, too! Mine are the class booties–not too good of a shot though:http://www.flickr.com/photos/heyiblink/4230111607/in/set-72157623106335824/🙂

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