My Hair Through The Ages

It’s that time of year. (I’ll be honest. This happens more than once a year.) In anticipation of a new season, I once again have the urge to change my hair. I don’t know why this happens to me because I love my hair right now. I even trimmed my bangs so that they don’t touch my eyelashes and drive me crazy. (I don’t recommend doing it yourself. Mine turned out fine but I regretted it halfway through just for the amount of hair I got in my eyes). It’s cute and it’s practical. I’m probably going to school in England next year which means that it’ll be a long time between touch ups. The darker color is good for hiding my roots and my bangs are easy enough to get trimmed.

I thought looking at my old hair would help satisfy my urge to change my current hair. It didn’t really work as planned but I thought I’d share anyways.


This was my hair my Freshman year of high school. This was the first time I had really dark hair and I loved it. I ended up dying my hair a solid dark color because it bothered me when my hair didn’t go with my outfit. I was a bit odd.


The first picture is from a year and a half later than the previous. I don’t have any decent pictures from that period because I didn’t own a camera and neither did my friends. Anyways, my hair was dark blond at this point. I think that my natural hair color is a bit like this. Later that year, I dyed my hair a fashion red. The red tones kept fading out and it got old fast.


I went back to being a blond but a bit more so. 2007 was the year that I fell in love with Lily Allen and got my hair cut like hers and dyed dark again. I loved my hair that year and these are the two looks that I really get torn over.


I tried really hard to break the bleach/dye cycle because I was going off to college. Bleach blond hair just makes my roots more obvious than the darker color because of the piecey nature of bleach blond hair. I kept my hair dark and when I got the time-for-change urge, I added a big purple chunk.
P.S. The picture isn’t upside down. I am.


I got extremely aggravated with my long hair and how long it took to dry in damp WA so I had it chopped off and dyed slightly redder. I liked it short but I discovered that I really prefer longer hair. I badly missed how my hair used to look so in the summer I brought back the bangs. I’m so happy I did because they are strangely making it easier for me to let my hair grow out.

I dyed my hair a shade darker in October. Maybe lightening it up a shade (like in the last photo) will make me stop thinking about bleaching it all blond.






  1. we have hairdressers in england you know x

  2. Hahaha! I do know that. I've only ever had one person do my hair, though. My hair dresser gave me my first haircut when I was an infant. I've been waiting to get my hair done until I get home to my parents because I'm terrified of someone new doing my hair.

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted to put together a "Julia's hair retrospective" because I like to drastically change it every couple of years. Unlike me though, your cuts and colours are all really cute. You can pull off anything, lady!

  4. You really can rock just about any color, neat! I really like your Lily Allen look (and I love Lily Allen too!!). If you're in London or another big city, you could go to some fantastic posh salon. You should at least try it once!But you were a freshman in high school in 2004 REALLY?! Gosh do I feel old :oYikes!!

  5. hmmm I think I like the colour in the last one right now…but seriously you can pull off any of those colours–the blonde looks very natural on you (that would never fly for me!)

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