Itty Bitty Heart


After writing an essay a day for three days in a row, I needed a quick crafty break before I started my regular homework. I quickly crocheted up this little pink heart. I’m going to give it to one of my friends for Valentine’s Day. She goes crazy over every holiday so I always do something to encourage her craziness because I enjoy it.


I finally got around to playing with the manual settings on my new camera (Nikon D90) because the heart was too small for my camera to automatically focus on this closely. I had to MacGyver a weird mirror system to take a photo in focus with me in front of the camera. Thankfully my camera has a digital display but I still had a limited success rate.


For example, I was positive this photo was in focus but apparently not. I think in the future I should probably just adjust the detail/quality level, take a zoomed out picture, and then crop it.


I have a soft spot for over exposure. I actually took a set of this picture with different aperture settings because I couldn’t remember what effects the numbers corresponded to. I should probably dig out my old notes from when I took photography in high school.

Anyways, I made the heart with no pattern out of Plymouth Encore and a 5mm hook. I added the cream details using a darning needle to embroider badly. I think it’s Rowan 4 Ply Soft but there are random bits of cream yarn all over my desk and I just grabbed one so I really have no idea.






  1. Cute heart. I wish I knew how to crochet.I was just on the Crimson and Clover website, (my fave vintage store), and saw you were a follower so I though I'de say hi. Your dog is super cute!

  2. Thanks! I've never actually been to their store. I'm following their blog so that I remember to go next time I'm at home. That probably sounds a little goofy.

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