Fascinating! Pt. 1

I have a serious craft store problem. I go in to get a few buttons to finish a sweater or whatever and I end up taking home odds and ends for a billion other projects. Anyways, I was at the craft store getting buttons for my Veronica cardigan and I started thinking about the fascinator inspired headbands that I had been checking out at Nordstrom. Months before that, my friend Sarah was looking at one at Athropologie and said, “I bet you could make one of those.” That all popped into my head and I ended up taking home bags of feathers, felt, shiny things and the buttons that I came for. I stopped at CVS across the street and picked up some cheap narrow textured headbands. I had a hot glue session and voila!

hb7 hb8

This one is my favorite.

hb11 hb12

Note the fat dog lurking under the table.

hb3 hb4

I’m splitting this into two posts. I made waaayyyy to many headbands. I want to keep them all but I really don’t need that many headbands that are this similar. Expect part two tomorrow!






  1. OOOO I love that you made these yourself! they are so cute and I could totally see these being sold at Nordstrom or Anthro. ~KerriWear Necessities

  2. These are really cute and I totally agree with the Wear Necessitities comment. Etsy shop? ;]

  3. ohh looking forward to it x

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