Who’da thunk?

Inspiration is a funny thing. Who would of thought that this
Photo Courtesy of Sally Jane Vintage

would inspire this?

I wanted to imitate the drama of a fur trimmed cardigan by using cables and garter stitch. I took some elements and ignored some others that wouldn’t translate well to a heavier knit. For example, I made my cardigan fitted through the body because worsted weight yarn wouldn’t drape attractively around my waist but I made the sleeves extra full around the cuffs because I knew it would work well there.

Anyways, I just thought I’d share with you guys part of how my design process works. This is why I love to read fashion blogs. They give me great ideas.






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  1. Nice! I guess thats how we all alter the original plan to fit us!Check out my blog!www.thestylerider.blogspot.com

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