The other day it was hardcore windy out so I wanted to put my hair up. I attempted to french braid it and was successful for the third time ever. Unfortunately my hair is still fairly short so it looked a bit messy in the back where I tried to twist the braid ends out of sight. I went and asked my roommate if the back was messy-good or messy-bad. She said “Why don’t you put those flowers in back or a bow or something?” So I did. It’s the best kind of cheating The clips hid the messy bit and helped secure my hair even more against the wind.

On a less interesting note, I’ve started finals and then I’m going home to my parents’ house. Blog updates might be less frequent for a while. I’m not sure what I’ll be up to. I”m going to try to set up some auto updates because I have lots of stuff saved to post about that I haven’t gotten to because I’ve been too busy with end-of-the-semester crap. We’ll see what happens.






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