Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s fun and way less stressful than most holidays. I always watch lots of B-horror movies and Tim Burton movies. This year I also baked a pie. My friend Sarah made the cup cakes.


My costumes in the last few years have been more makeup orientated than clothes. This year I was a zombie. I was going to be a doll but that costume would be too warm if we went to a party.

Dress – My Mom, Belt – Kmart

I went all out with my makeup and teased my hair. I put my hair in pin curls earlier so it had more texture to it. That really helped with the teasing. I did my friend Kevin’s makeup as well.

Here are some close ups of my gorey makeup:

IMGP0872 IMGP0873

Click to make them larger. I’m overly proud of that bruise on my neck because it looked so real in person.






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