More Hair and Halloween Thoughts

I went home for our fall break (it’s only a four day weekend) to get my front tooth fixed. I had chipped it and wanted my own dentist to fix it. Conveniently, I also needed my bangs cut and roots dyed. I got my hair done. It’s darker now. The color looks great in person but it’s impossible to photograph.


The sucker in the photo is a pomegranate tootsie pop. Weird, right? I’ve been noticing that there is more candy available in more “sophisticated” flavors. I bought clove flavored gum today. It is sooooo delicious but this gum is seriously expensive. It might be worth it. While I’m talking about candy, lets segue to Halloween stuff!


When I was home I carved Jack-o-lanterns with my dad. He loves carving them so I do it with him but I really hate the slimy pumpkin hands I always end up with. The picture has my pumpkin and my fat camera whore of a dog. Bean stubbornly refused to be in the picture when I wanted her to and then wouldn’t get out of the way after I had given up on dog and pumpkin pictures.

For Halloween I really want to be a doll. It just would be fun to do the makeup for. Plus, oodles of people are afraid of porcelain dolls so it has that creepy factor. Makeup aside, I’m not entirely sure what to wear. I was thinking that I might wear what I wore today.

And on a related note, I think I’m going to move “What I Wore” type stuff to Weardrobe because it seems a bit odd here. I’m not entirely decided on this, thought.






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  1. Cute hair! And I think it would really work with the edgy porcelain doll concept…

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