Sunny day

This is one of my favorite summer tops. It’s really fine open lace so it’s super airy and cool but it looks nice. I love it but it gets all stretched and saggy if it’s not washed and blocked after every wearing.


The top is from Nordstroms and the belt is thrifted. The shoes and shorts are from Talbots.

I wore this outfit to the allergists. They drew a grid on my back and did all these scratch tests to see what I react to. Everyone in my family has really bad allergies and asthma so I was getting tests to see if an allergy was causing my congestion and this cough I have. Apparently I’m allergic to dust, dust mites and some various pollens but I’m not nearly as bad as the rest of my fam and I’m not asthmatic. Yay.


My fat dog is just out of shot in this picture. I was trying to convince her to come over but she is a brat and refused.






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