I suck, I know

Alrighty, I’m starting a new semester so I’m going to make a new attempt with this blog. I changed the layout so it no longer eats the edges of my nice big photos. Yay. I’ve also decided that, in an attempt to update more since I knit so slow, this blog will become a crafting/fashion blog. They kind of go together for me. I knit and sew so I can make myself unique things to wear that suit my style when main stream fashion doesn’t.

I’m going to try to get a bunch of FO’s photographed so that I can share them. Instead of dumping all the things I haven’t shared into on giant ass post, I’m going to try to post one every once in awhile so there always is something to post.

I’m also thinking about sharing those gems I made in High School. That should be good for a laught at the very least.

Anyways, these are my new goals! Let this bloggy thing commence!






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