A Guide to Seamless Set-in Sleeve Sweaters


Fall is finally here, and so is A Guide to Seamless Set-in Sleeve Sweaters! This is an ebook on my favorite construction method for sweaters, and it will give you the tools you need to design your own seamless sweaters with short-row, set-in sleeves.


The guide is 17 pages long, and it starts off by giving you a general overview on how the construction method works. It clearly explains how the sweater is knit from the top-down with the short-row, set-in sleeves added after the sweater body is completed. Next, it walks you through the measurements you need to take of the sweater wearer and helps you plan the measurements of the sweater itself. After that, it’s math time! The guide includes all of the basic equations you’ll need to do to calculate your own sweater, leaving it up to you to figure out all of the creative elements and hard details.


At the end of the guide is Plain Jane, a super simple, v-neck cardigan pattern that was designed using the construction information in the guide. It takes all of the theoretical information in the beginning of the guide and puts it to use, so you have an example with real numbers to look at so you can really see how the construction method comes together. You can knit up your own Plain Jane cardigan to get a feel for how all of the parts of the sweater come together before you design your own, or you can just give the pattern a quick read through.


The guide is $12, and you can get it on Ravelry or take a look at it in the Untangling Knots shop. If you’re a fan of my seamless, set-in sleeve sweaters and have wanted to learn how to design your own, this is the perfect guide for you.






14 responses to “A Guide to Seamless Set-in Sleeve Sweaters”

  1. Heather

    Hello Andi. This looks great! Just wondering if the guide covers both cardigans and jumpers, or just cardigans? Thanks 🙂

    1. It covers both. They’re really not that different.

      1. Heather

        Oh good! Looking forward to trying it out!

  2. Such a neat idea, I’ll definitely buy the guide! 🙂

  3. Fantastic! I’ll be buying this when I design my own sweater!

  4. Very neat! And I seriously love the color of your Plain Jane cardigan.

  5. Constance

    Andi, thank you for this guide. Your construction method for sweaters is by far my favorite, which is evident by my preference for your patterns. I look forward to getting the e-book and using this guide.

    Also, your Plain Jane is so beautiful in it’s simplicity.

  6. Hi Andi,

    Does this cover any information on picking up stitches? I’m stuck on this part for my Myrna Cardigan for both the sleeves and the buttonband. Thanks 🙂

    1. No, it assumes you already have the basic skills you need to knit a sweater.

      But I’ve written a few posts on picking up stitches! Take a look at the “Useful Posts” page linked to on the top bar.

  7. Evelyne

    Congratulations! That looks great!

  8. Thank you so much for this Andi, I’ve been wanting to try this method for ages – can’t wait to get started!

  9. Hilary

    Thanks Andi, this is going to be so useful. Now just got to conjure up some time to study, absorb and knit! Love the Plain Jane too.

  10. Mariana

    Hi Andy,

    I have knitted a couple of your patterns : ) and am curious to try this. I am wondering a few things:
    -weather the Plain Jane has any waist shaping and if how to calculate this is taught in the e book.
    -after mastering this, would I be able to do others, say, like your from A-Z? is that the idea?
    -I have googled plain jane, and I just dont seem to see the thousand images that you usually generate.
    What do you think is the reason behind this?

    I do love your patterns and plan to make more, this seems like such a treat!

    1. Plain Jane does have waist shaping, and the guide also includes information on how to calculate waist shaping.

      This e-book is focused on teaching you how to create your own sweaters from scratch, and Plain Jane is included so you have a basic sweater to reference as an example. That’s likely why there aren’t many finished versions of Plain Jane out there. If you calculate your own sweater, there’s no need to use the Plain Jane pattern!

      The guide can be useful to help you better understand the construction method before you tackle patterns that use it, but that’s not the focus of it. It’s on working without someone else’s pattern and doing custom calculations. You don’t need this guide if you just want to knit a sweater from a pattern like From A to Z.

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