I’ve been thinking about doing a 365 project in 2012. I spend so much time doing crafty stuff that I neglect other creative things that I enjoy. I’m debating between drawing a small sketch everyday and taking a photo everyday. On one hand Ghost World was one of favorite movies when I was younger and I loved Enid’s sketchbook that functioned as a sort of diary. I’ve always wanted to try something like that myself. On the other hand I already have everything I need to get started on taking a photo every day. It’s also just a less time consuming project so I think I’d be more likely to keep it up for a full year. Both projects sound fun to me, but I only have time for one and it’s just hard to pick. I still have a few more days to decide.

Any thoughts on the matter? Are you planning on doing a 365 project or some other long term project this year?






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