Sick Day Knitting

I spent a lot of last week sick, so I decided to have a quiet weekend just knitting and trying to feel human again. It was pretty nice because it was the first weekend in a long time where I didn’t work, and I got a lot of knitting done.


I managed to get the body of my Penelope finished. It turned out a little longer than I expected, and I need to do some detective work to figure out why. My row gauge for this yarn was a little short, so I had done the math to modify it and add in extra rows. It could be that I had an error in my math. The other strong possibility is that my sick-gauge doesn’t match my healthy-gauge. It’s only slightly too long, so I’m going to compare it to my blocked swatch to see if my sweater will grow, and if it seems unlikely, I’m just going to leave it the way it is.



Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to wrap up the Month of Horrible Movies. The last monster movie for our list is Slither, a horror-comedy about slug-like creatures and small-town drama.

After fighting with his wife Starla, Grant becomes infected by a strange pod and slowly starts to transform into a monster. He infects a woman from town, and she gives birth to slug-like creatures, which then run amok infecting more people. Concerned by her husband’s strange behavior, Starla reaches out the to town’s police chief, Bill, who also happened to be her childhood sweetheart. Bill begins to investigate but the infected take over and convert most of the townspeople before he can do anything about it. The small group of survivors including Starla and Bill band together to fight back. Not the most original plot ever for a monster movie, but the movie’s lack of originality is intentional. Slither is a nod to 1980s horror movies but with 2000s special effects, so it’s both funny and disgusting. It plays with horror cliches, and the end result is a great, horrible movie.

Anouk – A New Cardigan Pattern


New pattern day! Meet Anouk, a new raglan cardigan pattern. Knit from the top-down seamlessly, this pattern features some of the best things about raglans. It’s both speedy and easy to knit, but the fun little details keep things interesting.


The recommended yarn is Local Color Fiber Studio Imperial Worsted, AKA their Columbia 3-ply Worsted, an aran weight yarn that makes this cardigan speedy to knit and nice and cozy. Local Color Fiber Studio is quite literally local to me. They’re based on Bainbridge Island and they dye their yarns using natural dyes grown there. This beautiful yellow was dyed using onion skeins. I had been tempted by this particular yarn at Local Color’s booth at Knit Fit and again at the Bainbridge Farmer’s market, so when they asked me if I’d like some of their yarn to design with, I couldn’t say no!


It’s always fun to design around a yarn instead of hunting down a yarn to match an existing sweater idea because the yarn really gets to speak its mind. Anouk was designed to show off the lovely, round, bouncy qualities of Imperial Worsted. The yarn has great stitch definition, which inspired the small textured diamond motifs at the neck and waist, and it really comes alive in garter stitch.


The raglan shaping uses varying rates for a better fit than a traditional raglan, and waist shaping makes for a nice, figure-hugging look. The cardigan is shown with about 3 inches of negative ease through the bust and a pinch of positive ease at the waist.


The pattern comes graded to seven sizes, ranging from a 29-inch finished bust circumference to a 53-inch circumference. You can buy Anouk on Ravelry or find it in the Untangling Knots shop.

Penelope Progress


It’s been a while since I last shared my Penelope WIP on the blog, and that’s because I went a while without really working on it. I was busy with knitting I can’t share on the blog yet, but I finished that project on Wednesday, and now Penelope has my full attention. I joined my fronts and back while at the movies on Thursday and got through most of the waist shaping this weekend. I’m finally feeling caught up with the KAL. We’ve got roughly a month left, so if I stop neglecting this project, it should be easy to finish on time.

Night of the Demon


The 50s were the heyday of monster movies, and there are tons of amazingly bad ones to choose from. My mom used to stockpile them to watch with me when I came home for breaks in college, and Night of the Demon, also known as Curse of the Demon, is one of the more memorable but lesser known monster movies that we watched together.

It’s another bad monster movie that could have been a good monster movie if not for the meddling studio. In the first ten minutes, we see a man get cursed by a satanic cult leader and then hunted down and killed by the demonic monster. Enter Dr. Holden, a specialist in debunking claims of the paranormal. Looking to prove that the cult leader is a fraud, he begins to investigate the man’s death and the demon curse. Before the studio got their hands on it, the movie was meant to be ambiguous about if the demon and the supernatural are truly real, but because they added in more monster, instead we get a movie where we know the demon curse is real and the tension is in watching a skeptic do foolish things that put himself at risk. It’s a slightly different story but still an enjoyable one. Plus, the creature design is really great.