Not Done Yet


There are less than two weeks left of the Outfit Along, and I’m starting to feel the pressure! I’m on the hip shaping of my Zinone, so that’s on track even if it’s not done yet, but my skirt is currently just a big wrinkly piece of uncut fabric. This is the first year where I haven’t finished either of my pieces this late in the game. I still think I can get my whole outfit done by the deadline, but it’s going to be a challenge!

Black Simplicity 1426

It’s probably not a huge surprise that of the Vintage Pledge patterns I picked out, the first one I sewed was the one I said I’d only make after doing some more practical ones. I just couldn’t resist this fun little top, particularly after I made plans to go to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.




Marie from A Stitching Odyssey, who co-hosts The Vintage Pledge, invited me to share one of my projects on her blog as part of the Vintage Pledge July extravaganza, and I wrote about my Simplicity 1426. I chose view C and only made a few minor modifications when I sewed up my top. I swapped out the buttons for hooks and eyes with a decorative frog closure over them, and I added a some elastic to the band at the front. You can read more about it and see more pictures in my guest post on A Stitching Odyssey.

Small Stitches Add Up


2016 is shaping up to be a garbage year. When tragedies happen or when politics get ugly, I tend to go quiet on this blog because it feels silly to be writing about knitting when people are grieving or in fear. But with the way things have been lately, it seems like the tragedies and hate aren’t going to subside any time soon, and I think knitting can be good to help cope with that overwhelming feeling that everything is awful and not going to get better any time soon.

Knitting is warm and comforting, but it’s also creative and positive in nature. Each stitch takes yarn’s potential and shapes it into something good and useful. Sometimes you have to rip back, but you can almost always refashion your yarn into something new if your first attempts were a failure, so you rarely need to give up. You might take a few steps back here and there to fix a mistake, but knitting is about moving forward and making. Knitting feels good in its reliable repetition and endless potential, and it’s okay to disappear into your craft for some time when the world gets too awful.

After you’ve worked some stitches and are feeling a bit less overwhelmed, please remember to work on the world around you, too. I often find myself feeling helpless because I can’t do anything alone to make big changes, but I try to remind myself that little actions can add up, like individual stitches on a sweater. Write to your government representatives. Never forgot to vote, even in the small, local elections. Reach out to your friends who have been affected. Listen to the people who are being targeted and try to view things from their perspective. Donate to organizations who can do the work you can’t do yourself. Speak up when other people say hateful and bigoted things in front of you.

And then take another knitting break because the world is exhausting and could use a little extra warmth.

My Own Zinone Progress


When I wrote my last post on tracking progress on Zinone, I was kind of behind, but thanks to the holiday weekend, I got caught up. I spent the weekend sitting around, hanging out with family, and that was the perfect opportunity to get a lot of knitting done. I’m on the last repeat of the waist shaping, which means I’m slightly more than halfway done. Perfect!


Now I just need to figure out when I’ll have time to sew my skirt. My weekends in July are filling up fast, and I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to squeeze it in. How is your own outfit going?

Tracking Your Progress on Zinone

Because of Zinone’s simple shape, it’s really easy to plan your knitting to hit a deadline. All you need to do is divide the length by the section of time you’re working with. If you’re a steady, consistent knitter, you just need to have half of the length completed by the end of this month to get your sweater done in the two months of the OAL. That’s just 1-4 inches past the armhole joining round for almost every size and length pairing.


I’m a little behind on my Zinone because I’ve been working on other projects behind the scenes, but I think I should be able to get to the halfway point by next week! I expect to get my neckline joined tonight, and it will be speedy after that because it’s all stockinette. I still haven’t touched my skirt, but it shouldn’t take long once I get going. How are you doing with your own projects?