Little Red Riding Hood

Little_Red_Riding_Hood_01 Little_Red_Riding_Hood_02

I love Halloween! The last couple of years, I didn’t figure out my Halloween plans until the last minute, so my costumes were all last minute and not that great, but this year I decided to figure out my costume first and assume everything else will fall into place. I decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood, and most of my costume is made up of my own sewing projects. I’m wearing this skirt and this top, and I put together the cape and modified the wolf recently.

Little_Red_Riding_Hood_04 Little_Red_Riding_Hood_03

The cape is made from a beautiful piece of wool I found in my mom’s scrap stash. She had bought it to make a jacket, but unfortunately moths got to it. It had a bunch of holes, but it’s such a nice piece of fabric and I have pack-rat tendencies that I asked if I could have it. Not only did my mom says I could have it, but she had the fabric cleaned for a second time just to be extra certain that it was moth-free. The body of the cape is just a circle, and after I cut that out, I had a five inch strip of fabric and the corner pieces from cutting the circle. I improvised a hood from the scraps, and I think it turned out pretty nice. The fabric is slightly felted, so I didn’t bother finishing the edges or seams. It was a nice quick project. Surprisingly I managed to avoid most of the moth holes when I cut out the body of the cape. They’re mostly hiding in the hood.

Little_Red_Riding_Hood_05 Little_Red_Riding_Hood_06

I used a few more scraps of the wool to embellish the little wolf stuffed animal I bought. I gutted it and added the tongue. I wanted to get a little grim with some gore for my costume, and I think it turned out great. And I even have somewhere to wear it tonight! Halloween is the best. I hope you have a happy Halloween tonight.

The Tower of Terror

It’s almost Halloween, so for the last Month of Horrible Movies post, I had to pick this ghost movie set on Halloween, Tower of Terror. Based loosely on the Disney World ride, the movie is about a hotel that’s haunted by the ghosts of a group of people that died in an elevator crash while on their way to a Halloween party on the top floor. In the present day, a cheesey tabloid reporter, played by Steve Guttenberg, goes to the hotel with his niece, played by Kirsten Dunst, to take some fake ghost photos for a story on the haunted hotel, and they’re surprised to find that the ghosts are real. The reporter and his niece begin to investigate the story behind the ghosts and try to find a way to put the ghosts at peace.

This is one of those movies that I watched as a kid and remembered as being really creepy and great. When I was putting together my list of ghost movies to weed down for this series, I had this one on the list and started to wonder if it was a fun as I remembered. I looked around a bit to see if it was on Netflix or Hulu, and I eventually found the whole movie on YouTube. It wasn’t nearly as creepy as I remembered; it was so cute! I really enjoyed revisiting this one.

Zinnia Now Available Online

Zinnia is now available in PDF format. This cardigan was designed for the Fiber Gallery‘s summer KAL, so I didn’t show it off too much when it originally came out. It was really fun to design something for my favorite LYS and try out some different things.


The sweater is knit from the top down using my usual seamless, set-in sleeve construction. It features a scoop neck, full-length sleeves, a simple textured stitch pattern that really plays nicely with the recommended yarn, HiKoo Kenzie, and lace diamonds at the waist. The sweater is meant to fit with a pinch of positive ease, and it’s a nice, cuddly cardigan. My version is currently hanging out in the Fiber Gallery, but I will admit to having worn it around a bit before washing it and sending it off to its current home.


The sweater pattern is $6.50 and you can find Zinnia on Ravelry or in the Untangling Knots shop. If you’re in the Seattle area, you can still get print versions of the pattern at the Fiber Gallery.

Katharina’s Armande

Katharina_Armande_01 Katharina_Armande_03

Armande‘s seamless construction is what makes it an interesting sweater, but the overall look of the finished piece is pretty simple. The simplicity is what makes it the perfect match for an interesting yarn, and Katharina‘s version stood out to me because of her beautiful yarn choice. Her variegated blue yarn works really well with the construction method, and I’m always in awe of knitters who are talented at matching variegated yarn with the right patterns. Variegated yarn kind of intimidates me.

Katharina_Armande_04 Katharina_Armande_02

I asked Katharina about her sweater and she said, “About Armande I can say that it was fun to knit, even if it took me some time… Bodice and sleeves were easy to adjust in length and the fit is perfect :) Plus, I already got some compliments on my new cardigan!” Katharina originally blogged about her Armande in German, and her project page on Ravelry includes her notes in English.

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I really felt like this list could use some 80s cheese, but I had a surprisingly hard time coming up with something that wasn’t a classic. Does anyone really need to be told that Ghostbusters and Poltergeist are fun ghost movies? I think not. In the end I decided to go with a classic character, Freddy Krueger, in a not-so-classic movie, Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

In the first Nightmare on Elm Street, we find out that Freddy Krueger is the spirit of a dead murder, and that’s how his dream powers are explained, but it’s not until the third installment that we get a proper ghost story. In Dream Warriors we find out more of Freddy’s origin story, and we get told that his spirit isn’t at rest because his body hasn’t been given a proper burial. His spirit is busy terrorizing a group of kids who all end up in the same hospital ward for their “sleep disorders.” Nancy, the main character from the first Nightmare on Elm Street, happens to work at that hospital and immediately recognizes what is happening. Nancy manages to convince the kids’ doctor that Freddy is a real threat, and while Nancy teaches the kids how to fight back in the dream world, the doctor tries to find a way to put Freddy to rest. This movie is so cheesey and goofy. Everything is completely over the top, and I’m not sure it’s even really trying to be scary.