My Poor Neglected Sweater Vest


I’m doing a lazy vest knit-along with some of my local friends, and I’m so far behind! One of my friends is almost done with her vest, and I’m only halfway through my back! This project is my portable knitting, and I keep it in my purse so I can work on it on the bus, but that’s been pretty much the only time when I work on it. I rarely think to pull it out when I’m knitting at home. That might need to change if I want to finish anytime soon! I’ve only knit four repeats of the main stitch pattern since I last blogged about this project in March, and at that rate, I won’t get my vest done until next winter. We’re just starting to have the perfect weather for sweater vests, so I think it’s time to really give this some attention.

Katie’s Cowl


A few years ago, Iz, Katie, and I thought it’d be fun to do a cowl swap. I knit for Iz, Katie knit for me, and Iz knit for Katie. This spring we decided to reverse the swap! That meant I was knitting for Katie, and the cowl had to be teal. I know she likes other colors, but it’s the one I most associated with her. I spent a long time wandering around Tolt looking for the right teal yarn, and I finally settled on Blue Sky Alpaca’s Worsted Cotton, but there was only one teal skein. That was basically what set this design in motion because I decided to pick up a contrasting color and work out the details later.


Katie lives in Southern California, so I didn’t want to make a really warm cowl. The cotton was a good start, and I knew I was going to do lace or eyelets of some sort to keep things on the lighter side. That just left the big question of how I was going to work with two colors. I didn’t want to do color blocking because I did that one Iz’s cowl, and stranded colorwork would add to much bulk, and basic stripes didn’t seem special enough. After a bit of thought, I settled on using YOs to make extra long slipped stitches. Paired with the simple eyelets I chose, it has a really interesting effect. Sometimes the horizontal stripes stand out, and other times the vertical stripes are more prominent, and the rest of the time it just looks plaid. It was also just fun to knit


I packed it up and sent it off to Katie last week, and it arrived earlier this week! I often feel like I don’t have time to do stuff like swaps, but they always make me so happy when I do them. It’s a lot of fun knitting for someone else who will appreciate the time and details that go into a project.

Retreat Knitting


I mentioned in my last post that I got a lot of knitting done at my knitting group’s retreat, and here’s some of it! I started a new sweater project based on an old one. I finished the upper back and upper right front, and I’m working on the upper left front.


Right now it’s pretty bunched up on my needles, but here’s a better look at the back! When I made my first version of this design, I had originally wanted to knit it using this color combination, but I couldn’t find the right orange, so I went with red. I just adore how the scallops look in these colors. The yarn is Sincere Sheep Luminous, and it’s nice and vibrant.

2015 Purlygirls Knitting Retreat










This past weekend was my knitting group‘s annual retreat to Fort Worden. Every year we rent an officer’s house and then spend the weekend knitting, eating, drinking, and exploring Fort Worden and Port Townsend. It’s such a nice way to spend a weekend, and I always get tons of knitting done.

Trust the Swatch


By this time next week, I’ll hopefully have a finished and blocked sweater! I knit the sleeves over the weekend, and I was a little nervous about how they turned out. This a yarn that grows a little, and my gauge before blocking is shorter than after blocking. It’s not too noticeable on the body because of the cropped fit, but with full length sleeves, it just looks wrong. I didn’t have my swatch on hand when I finished the first sleeve, and I started to worry that I measured my swatch wrong, and the sleeve would be too short. I ended up sending a quick text to my friend Jamie who has knit with this yarn before. I thought I remembered her saying that she got some extra length on the wrap she made, so I doubled checked with her that it wasn’t crazy for me to expect my sleeves to get a little longer after blocking. She confirmed it, and I continued on with my second sleeve. I’ve just got the button band left now!