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  • Sewing for a Knitting Pattern

    Sewing for a Knitting Pattern

    Despite finishing the sweater ages ago and having it totally tech edited, I kept procrastinating on taking the pattern photos for my blue cardigan with lace panels. I have a handful of dresses that I could wear with it, but none of them shouted “spring” like I wanted them to. I spent a long time […]

  • My Poor Neglected Sweater Vest

    I’m doing a lazy vest knit-along with some of my local friends, and I’m so far behind! One of my friends is almost done with her vest, and I’m only halfway through my back! This project is my portable knitting, and I keep it in my purse so I can work on it on the […]

  • Retreat Knitting

    I mentioned in my last post that I got a lot of knitting done at my knitting group’s retreat, and here’s some of it! I started a new sweater project based on an old one. I finished the upper back and upper right front, and I’m working on the upper left front. Right now it’s […]

  • Trust the Swatch

    By this time next week, I’ll hopefully have a finished and blocked sweater! I knit the sleeves over the weekend, and I was a little nervous about how they turned out. This a yarn that grows a little, and my gauge before blocking is shorter than after blocking. It’s not too noticeable on the body […]

  • Small Set-Backs

    Shortly after Friday’s blog post, I was horrified to discover that I made a dumb mistake about four rows in from the beginning. I had to rip back almost everything, but somehow I managed to get the body finished last night. All of this ripping back might sound maddening, but right now, I don’t care […]