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  • Alternative Stripes for Waters

    Alternative Stripes for Waters

    The simple shape of my new linen top pattern Waters opens up a lot of possibility for customization. The pattern features a two-color stripe sequence with a 1:3 ratio over 8 rows/rounds, and the stripe sequence can be easily swapped out for other ratios, color combinations, and textures. Here are five alternative stripe sequences and…

  • Waters – A Linen Top Pattern

    Waters – A Linen Top Pattern

    You might not have been able to guess it from all of my colorful projects, but I love black and white stripes. I own a bunch of store-bought striped pieces, but never knit my own until this year. Meet Waters, in my new striped linen top pattern! Waters is a simple shape, with a high…

  • The 2018 Outfit Along

    The 2018 Outfit Along

    Knit a piece. Sew a piece. Make an outfit. June 1st-July 31st. The Outfit Along turns five this year! The Outfit Along is an annual craft-along thats pairs a sew-along with a knit-along to create a custom outfit. As with previous years, it’s co-hosted by me and Lauren from LLADYBIRD and will run June 1st…