Tag: Summer of the Blog

  • Easy Access

    After you put together an attractive blog layout, it’s important to think about how it functions. You want to keep your information as accessible as possible. Here is a short list of things should always be easy to find from the front page of your blog. I’m sure everything on this list sounds obvious, but […]

  • Reader Friendly Blog Layouts

    There are no hard and fast rules for putting together an attractive blog layout. A lot of it is subjective. That said, there are a few things you can do to make your layout more reader friendly. 1) Pick the right fonts. Don’t use a novelty font for your body content. Those are best used […]

  • 5 Ways to Attract New Readers

    “What do I write about?” is probably tied with, “How do I get readers?” for the most frequently asked question about blogging. Here are my top five ways to find readers for your blog in. 1) Comment – Probably the most common answer to, “How do I get readers?” is, “Comment on other blogs!” It’s […]

  • What Do You Look For In a Blog?

    Whenever I fall into a blogging funk I always try to think about what I look for in blogs I like to read. It’s easier to look at other people’s work and recognize what I like about it than it is to do the same with my own. When I figure out what elements I […]

  • How Much Personal Is Just Right?

    Last week I wrote about different kinds of craft blog content, but a lot of craft blogs feature more than just crafty stuff and that sort of content tends to be more personal. When it comes to Untangling Knots, I don’t talk about my life very frequently. Aside from the fact that my existence is […]