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  • Me Made May Days 17-23

    Day 17: Plain Jane – Day 18: Yellow Circle Skirt Day 19: Marion – Day 20: From A to Z Day 21: Hetty #2 + Striped Butterick 5748 – Day 22: Hetty #1 + Strawberry Print Butterick 5748 Day 23: From A to ZP.S. I recently added a request page for blog posts! It’s up there…

  • Me Made May Days 10-16

    Day 10: Hetty  – Day 11: Wool Circle Skirt Day 12: Geraldine + Gathered Wool Skirt – Day 13: Hetty Day 14: Hetty + Crocheted Shawlette – Day 15: Marion Day 16: From A to Z

  • Me Made May 2015 Days 3-9

    Day 3: Gather Skirt – Day 4: Audrey in Unst + Striped Butterick 5748 Day 5: New Cardigan – Day 6: New Cardigan + Vogue 8766 Day 7: Fair Isle Yoke  – Day 8: MarionDay 9: Red Circle Skirt

  • Me Made May Days 1-2

    It’s May which means it’s time for Me Made May! Like last year, my goal for this year is to wear at least one handmade garment every day this month. I’ll be doing weekly outfit recaps on here with daily pictures on Instagram. It wasn’t as hard as I expected last year, and I have…

  • Me Made May Days 22-31

    Here is the last batch of Me Made May outfits! I’m amazed that I got all of them photographed and only have two days where I didn’t take a picture of myself wearing the outfit. I really got sick of photographing myself at the end, but I enjoyed the challenge of making myself incorporate something…