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  • So You Want to Be a Designer

    So You Want to Be a Designer

    About a month ago, conversations on Instagram started popping up about why designers were so secretive about how to become a designer. My first thought was that it was a weird complaint because I picked up everything I knew from information shared by other designers, but then I realized that the useful blog and forum […]

  • Tea Talk: An Interview with Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

    In this week’s interview I spoke with Ruth Garcia-Alcantud from Rock+Purl. Not only is she a talented designer, but Ruth also tech edits for a variety of designers and publications including my favorite, Pom Pom. I asked her to share a bit about what it’s like to do both design work and tech editing, and this […]

  • Tea Talk: An Interview with Julia Trice

    I confess that I spend more time than I should in the design groups on Ravelry, and that’s where I first got to know Julia Trice. She always has something smart to say, and her designs show just how much thought goes into everything she does. Julia balances her pattern writing with a day job, […]

  • Tea Talk: An Interview with Alex Tinsley

    This is the first in a series of bimonthly interviews with creative people! I wanted to start off with a bang, so with a big mug of tea by my side, I interviewed my favorite designer to follow on Twitter, Alex Tinsley. Alex specializes in hats and accessories, and she always has a witty remark […]