Tag: Advice

  • Please Knit a Swatch

    Is there anything as painful for a designer to read than declarations that a knitter didn’t make a swatch and check their gauge? “I always get gauge,” is almost just as cringe-worthy and indicates a fundamental misunderstanding about how a pattern’s gauge is determined. There’s no swatching conspiracy– designers ask knitters to do it because […]

  • How to Add a Lifeline

    Ripping back lace can be tricky. When stitches drop down, it can be difficult to see which go where and what row they belong to, so many knitters like to use lifelines if they’re not feeling confident about their lace. Lifelines are lengths of scrap yarn that are run through rows of your knitting and […]

  • How to Plan a Sweater You’ll Love

    Me Made May gets a lot of crafters thinking about wardrobe building, and I frequently get comments from knitters who wish they had more sweaters that they really wear. Planning good sweaters can be more challenging than regular shopping because, although your options are endless, you have to want to knit the project, get the […]

  • FAQ: What are twisted stitches?

    There are two questions about twisted stitches that come up a lot from knitters who are working on Miette. What are they and why use them? Twisted stitches are exactly what they sound like. They’re stitches that have been twisted by being worked through the back loop so the legs cross instead of being open. […]

  • FAQ: Is this a good pattern for a beginner?

    “Is the pattern suitable for a beginner?” is always a tough question to answer, and the common variation, “Is this a good first sweater?” isn’t any easier. It all depends on what technical skills you possess, your pattern reading skills, and either your ability to visualize what you’re supposed to do or your willingness to […]