This guide will help you learn how to calculate your own seamless, set-in sleeve sweater with short-row sleeve caps. The e-book is 17 pages long, and it starts off by giving you a general overview on how the construction method works. It clearly explains how the sweater is knit from the top-down with the short-row, set-in sleeves added after the sweater body is completed. Next, it walks you through the measurements you need to take of the sweater wearer and helps you plan the measurements of the sweater itself. Helpful illustrations and detailed photos show exactly how the different parts come together. The guide includes all of the basic equations you’ll need to do to calculate your own sweater, leaving it up to you to figure out all of the creative elements and hard details.

At the end of the e-book is Plain Jane, a simple, v-neck cardigan pattern that was designed using the construction information in the guide. It takes all of the theoretical information in the beginning of the guide and puts it to use, so you have an example with real numbers to look at so you can really see how the construction method comes together.

The pattern in this guide is not available individually.

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Patterns Included
Plain Jane