My First Knit Sweater

March 21, 2018By Andi

When the #myfirsthandknitsweater tag started going around Instagram, I really wanted to share my first hand knit sweater because I remembered it being hilariously bad, but I didn’t have any decent pictures and had given it away a decade ago to my friend Ashley, when we were in high school. I sent her a text … Read More

FAQ: Are you sure the pattern is right?

March 16, 2018By Andi

One of the most frequent questions I get about patterns isn’t about confusing instructions or a specific request for help. The question is, “Are you sure this is right?” Often it will include some variation on, “Am I really supposed to knit this many rows? The larger sizes don’t have as many.” Or the smaller … Read More

Simple Striped Beanie

March 6, 2018By Andi

Back in October, when I was in New Zealand, after I finished knitting a quick chunky shawl, I realized that vacation knitting was a good time to knit myself some new accessories, so I bought two skeins of Zealana Cozi in Wellington and started a simple striped beanie. I haven’t knit myself new accessories in … Read More

New Zealand Visit Part 2

March 1, 2018By Andi

Welcome to Part 2 of the trip to New Zealand I took last October. You can read Part 1 here if you missed it. —————- Although I had stayed in Auckland for a few nights at this point in my trip, I hadn’t spent much time around the city, so Jamie and I spent Friday … Read More

New Zealand Visit Part 1

February 27, 2018By Andi

About a year ago, my friend Jamie and her husband Kevin moved to New Zealand on a year-long visa, and in October of 2017, I went to visit them! I shared a ton of my trip on Instagram, but I never got around to blogging about it, so this is Part 1 of an extremely … Read More