Bow Crazy

August 12, 2009By Andi

I’m going through a serious bow phase. It was only encouraged by the discovery of Elin’s Blog. She wears bows on everything and looks so ridiculously adorable. Not only have I been knitting bows onto everything but I’ve also been just knitting bows. I sewed them onto hair clips and have been wearing them all … Read More

I suck, I know

August 10, 2009By Andi

Alrighty, I’m starting a new semester so I’m going to make a new attempt with this blog. I changed the layout so it no longer eats the edges of my nice big photos. Yay. I’ve also decided that, in an attempt to update more since I knit so slow, this blog will become a crafting/fashion … Read More

I suck at blogging

July 4, 2009By Andi

I haven’t updated in forever because I kept alledging to myself that I would do a big post and catch my blog up. Yeah… What are the odds of that happening? So, instead of doing that, I’m just going to jump on in and post about my latest FO’s. Ta da! It’s Natalya Hat(Rav Link) … Read More

Worst Blogger Ever

February 13, 2009By Andi

I suck at blogging. I tell myself that I’ll post and then I never do and I end up with oodles of stuff to share and then I feel like I can’t share new stuff until I’ve shared the old stuff and it’s a vicious cycle. Anyways, after that run on sentence, here are all … Read More

Knitting: Augh!

December 30, 2008By Andi

I started working on Oblique with yarn I got for christmas. I had just finished the ribbing on the back and was starting the lace when I realized I was ten stitches short. I had miss counted when I cast on. Now I have to frog all the knitting I did to day. Meh.