Photographed FO!

December 14, 2008By Andi

I knit this hat over Thanksgiving break. I never bothered taking pictures wearing it so it just kind of lurked. Tonight we had the first snow of the season so I thought it would be a good time to photograph that hat in action. The pattern is Star Crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Larson. I … Read More

WIP Update

December 1, 2008By Andi

I went home to my parents and left my Two Tone Shug there. The idea was to not work on it at school and get some christmas knitting done… We’ll see if that actually happens. This is the closest thing to a WIP photo that I have since I left it in Cali. I’ve got … Read More

WIPs at the End of October

October 29, 2008By Andi

Some people like to post their WIP’s every week to see the progress. If I did that it would be rather boring. I’d do a bunch of repetitive posts of the same projects still lacking in progress with the occasional one with progress. Instead I’m going to try to post my WIPs at the end … Read More

The Knitting Blog

October 12, 2008By Andi

After years of attachment to LJ, I finally got sick of their addition of ads and other changes that they made with out notifying users. My blog there was mostly a personal blog. I’d throw in random FO’s and information that my readers, my non-knitting friends, probably didn’t care about. More and more lately I’ve … Read More