Early last month, I found myself missing my old morning ritual of reading knitting blogs every morning while drinking my mug of tea. It was a nice, relaxing way to start my morning, but the days of frequent blogging are long gone, and I didn’t have a good substitute for my daily reading. So I decided to start a new project to help fill that void!

Meet KnittingPatternOfTheDay.com! It’s my new website that does what it says on the tin. Every morning I share a new indie pattern that’s available for purchase on Ravelry with some interesting tidbits from the designer about the pattern, the design process, and more. It provides a nice bit of pleasant quick reading and will help you discover new patterns that you might not have otherwise seen.

The project also provides me with the opportunity to promote other designers and support other people in the knitting community, which is something that is important to me. Since we shut down Stranded Magazine, I had been thinking about ways to do more to help give a spotlight to more designers who are doing good work but might not be getting the attention they deserve as well as promoting diversity in the knitting world, and KPotD is the perfect project for that. I’ve really enjoyed reaching out to designers and seeing their submissions for KPotD, and I think you’ll enjoy reading it everyday just as much as I’m enjoying putting it together.

P.S. If you’re a designer, please submit your new indie releases to be featured!


  • Love this! I started reading e-mails from Knitting Daily primarily because they talked about techniques that I was unfamiliar with. Unfortunately, their product has changed a grat deal over time, so I don’t read them very often any more.

    I am very looking forward to reading about what you find interesting.

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