I used to be pretty balanced with my crafting. I spent a fairly even amount of time knitting, crocheting, and sewing. My skill levels were about equal across all three crafts when I graduated high school.


About the shirt – This was my last serious sewing project and it’s from 2009. It didn’t work on me so my sister is modelling it. It was a failure for a variety of reasons including fit and a poor combination of design elements.

When I went away to college I left my sewing machine at home. I couldn’t sew myself clothes so I became more interested in other ways of making garments. There weren’t many crocheted garments that appealed to me and so I focused on knitting. You can probably guess what happened based on my blog content. My knitting skills improved rapidly and it started to be the only craft I really spent much time on.


I still dabble in sewing and crochet, but my skills have sort of degraded. I’d really like to be equally skillful across all three crafts once again, and I’m making plans to get that to happen. I’ve ordered yarn to crochet myself a sweater, and I’ll be able to reunite with my sewing machine once I settle in to living somewhere more permanently which will hopefully happen this year.


  • I totally relate to this post! I used to sew a lot but now that I’m living in a dorm it’s not really possible. (Over breaks and such I’ll sometimes break out the machine, but I’m just so much more into knitting!) And personally, I find that crochet is best for non-garment projects like toys, etc. But I still like to do a little of each!

  • That’s too funny. Mine went the opposite way! I dabbled in crochet and that was that. My knitting skills went the way of the floppy disk and my crochet skills increased. LOL. Love that crocheted shawl though!

  • My sewing skills are abhorrent! In the past I’ve only done it when absolutely necessary. Now I’m trying to work at it a little more. My crocheting skills will always be better than my knitting for the simple truth that I’ve been doing that for far, far longer. Have fun in your endeavors and hopefully you’ll be able to sew once again.

  • Sewing/refashioning garments has been a goal of mine since I graduated college almost two years ago, but knitting has taken priority for me, too. I actually started off crocheting, and I still use it now and then. Especially for craft projects, blankets, and scarves. It’s sooo fast! I can’t wait to see how your crocheted sweater turns out.

  • I didn’t realize you started with sewing. Let’s keep in mind that you are definitely an expert in the craft you focus on. You design and knit amazing garments!

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