Instead of being a responsible student and working on my Melville essay, I watched a lot of Buffy and knit a sleeve and a neck band this weekend. I ran into my friend and he asked me, “What did you do this weekend? Work on stuff?”
I said, “Nah. I watched a crap ton of Buffy and did some power knitting and pattern writing.”
To which he replied, “So you worked all weekend?”
It’s nice that my friends realize that my design stuff is real work because I already have a hard time conceptualizing knitting as work when it doesn’t feel like a drudgery. Pattern grading? That’s work. Knitting a sweater? That doesn’t feel like work to me even though it’s part of my pattern writing process.


I usually work the sleeves and neckband in the same order when I knit sweaters. I always knit the neckband last for some reason, but I put this one on after I knit my second sleeve so I could try my sweater on with clothing. While I own a lot of things that go with orange, I had a specific dress in mind when I came up with this design, but I was worried that the neckline would be too low on my sweater. Pleasantly, this neckline almost perfectly matches the one on my dress and my dress doesn’t peek out awkwardly. I always find myself trying my half knit sweaters on with different outfits when things start to come together. Do you ever do that? It seems to help me get through the last chunk of knitting because I get excited about the project all over again when I start to think about how I’ll get to use my FO.


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