This weekend I found out that the pattern I submitted to Knitty was rejected. I was half tempted to just enjoy my hat and let the pattern rot on my hard drive. No one knew that I had submitted it except for my family, so no one would notice if I never mentioned it ever again. It was a bit tempting, but I like the hat so it seemed silly to do that. I wasn’t horribly surprised that it was rejected. On the submission page Knitty clearly states that they’re mostly looking for garments for the upcoming issue. They only want a few accessories and mine didn’t make the cut. It’s also not as creative and innovative of a pattern as Knitty usually goes for these days. The finished product is really good looking, but the actual pattern is pretty straight forward. It still was really disappointing.


For a while I waffled about submitting the hat pattern to other publications. I had done a good job keeping it secret and off the internet so I had that option. I finally ended up defiantly adding the hat and pictures to my Ravelry projects so I’d stop being indecisive. I wear the hat all the time and I used to take it off every time someone pulled out a camera because everything seems to end up on Facebook or whatever and that got old.


The supportive comments and interest I got on Ravelry made me feel a lot better about the whole thing. And then I remembered that I had these pictures with Bean. They just give me the warm fuzzies. I couldn’t do anything with them before because I had to keep pictures of the hat off the internet and they didn’t show off the hat well enough to be in my submission.


So now that I’m less bothered by the hat, I think I’m going to self publish the pattern. I have to put it together into a PDF, but that should happen sometime this week.


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