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Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Shirt: ???
Cardigan: Talbots

I found these jeans at a thrift store in Tacoma months ago. I was looking for jeans to turn into cut offs and I found these babies. They were unworn which is weird because I’m fairly certain that they are 15+ years old (based on their lack of spandex and their given size in relation to fit). At first I was planning to make them into cut offs but then I decided they were too awesome to chop. After that I was thinking of making them into pencil leg jeans that hit at the ankle like I usually wear. I’m not sure if I could fit them so they looked right and still be able to bend my knees because all of my jeans with that leg cut are stretchy. Today I finally decided to just wear them. The deciding factor was actually the fact that it was raining (thank you Place County for imitating the state I just left) and all of my cold weather clothes are still in boxes from my move down the coast. The legs are definitely growing on me.

In other news, my hair still needs to be dealt with and I applied to work at my favorite craft store. Cross your fingers.


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