This weekend I made a Ravelry group for our Uni Knit Night. I slapped together a banner and badge on Photoshop and I realized how long it’s been since I used Photoshop for anything other than photo editing. I also realized that I never made a banner for my blog. Today, instead of doing homework or my study abroad apps, I played with Photoshop and put together a banner. (Isn’t it pretty up there?) I think I managed to master drawing yarn balls with my mouse because I put them on everything I made this weekend.

I didn’t want to jack someone else’s work so I made a little graphic to put on there. And by little graphic I mean a giant one that I shrunk. Since I bothered making it huge, I figured I might as well share the full version with you.


Ta da!! I kind of wasted most my day doing that (I kept changing my mind about things) and it’s so tiny up on my banner. I’m a little ridiculous.


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