Interested in test knitting or crocheting my patterns? Copy these questions into an email, fill out your answers, and send them to me at When I have patterns that need to be tested, I’ll see if you’re a good match for them and contact you to to ask if you would like to test them. Note that as of 2015, I am more likely to work with local knitters for my pattern testing needs, but I still maintain a list of online test knitters.


Ravelry ID (if you have one):

Blog (if you have one):

Do you knit, crochet, or both?

How would you describe your skill level?

Have you ever test knit or crocheted before?

If so, were you ever unable to complete a test? Why?

What’s your availability like throughout the year?

How long would you estimate it would take you to make a full length sweater using worsted weight yarn in a plain stitch like stockinette or double crochet?

What kind of projects interest you? Cardigans, pullovers, hats, cowls…?

If you like making sweaters, what silhouettes do you prefer? Fitted, loose, full length, cropped, empire waist…?

Are there any techniques you love? Cables, short rows, lace, stranded color work, intarsia…?

Are there any techniques you hate?

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?