Chunky Crocheted Clutch

This is the first pattern I’ve written that I’ve put online so let me know if you have any questions or see any errors.

Chunky Clutch Pattern

The clutch is crocheted in one piece, folded in half and sewn up the sides. The outside has five sets of three ribs on it with horizontal ridges on the top band.
Treat chain as st in hdc and dc. Crochet into top of chain.

6 mm hook
110yds of super bulky yarn
4 buttons (pick buttons after making button holes to be sure that they fit)

ch: chain
st: stitch/es
dc: double crochet
hdc: half double crochet
fpdc: front post double crochet
bpdc: back post double crochet

Foundation: Ch 26
Row 1: Skip 2 hdc 24 st (25 st total)
Row 2: Ch 2 hdc 24 into back loop (25 st)
Row 3: Ch 2 hdc 24 into front loop
Row 4: Ch 3 dc 24 into back loop
Row 5: Ch3 *bpdc in next 3 st fpdc in next 28 rep until 4 st remain bpdc in next 3, dc in last st
Row 6: Ch3 *fpdc in next 3 st bpdc in next 2* rep until 4 st remain fpdc in next 3, dc in last st
Rep rows 5-6 eight more times
Row 23: Ch 2 hdc into front loop
Row 24: Ch 2 hdc into back loopsof next 3 st *chain one and skip next st hdc in 4 st8 rep until end
Row 25: Ch 2 hdc into front loops

Fasten off and cut yarn leaving a tail long enough to sew up the side (About 35 inches).
Fold in half with wrong side (side with two st wide ridges) out. Line up edges and sew up sides. Sew on buttons.

Feel free to use this pattern but don’t claim it as your own.

I’ve moved this pattern to here to make it easier to find. The original LiveJournal post with this pattern will remain unchanged.