Need help?

Try some of these suggestions to find solutions to your knitting problems.

First, search Google if there's a technique you're stuck on. The internet is full of wonderful tutorials in almost every format. This can provide the quickest solution to your problem. Don't forget to include the word "knitting."

Second, check the Resources section of this website! There you can find useful information on working with separate stitch patterns, adding length, and more.

Third, ask for help on The Untangling Knots group on Ravelry is filled with knitters who likely have used the pattern you're using and might have a quick answer to your question, and the Patterns and Techniques forums are also good resources.

Fourth, if you've tried a few of the other options and still haven't found an answer, email your question to Please note that complimentary pattern support is to help you if you get stuck with pattern directions. Complimentary pattern support does not cover help choosing a size, yarn substitution advice, online knitting lessons, or assistance with modifications.