Binding Off Blaster’s Body

October 12, 2016By Andi

I finished binding off the body of my Blaster cardigan yesterday. I used my current favorite stretchy BO, the modified stretchy BO that’s a combination of the chain BO and Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy BO. I just love how stretchy and attractive it is! Now it’s time to get started on my sleeves.

Dead Silence

October 6, 2016By Andi

It’s my favorite time of year! October is when I let myself blog about my favorite thing to watch while knitting: B-horror. For the last five years, I’ve shared some of my favorite bad b-horror movies once a week for the whole month. I call it the Month of Horrible Movies. The first year had … Read More

Fixing a Mistake on My Blaster

October 4, 2016By Andi

Last week I went to lay out my Blaster WIP to take some progress pictures for a blog post, and I noticed something strange. Every time I fixed a twist in the right front, I’d have a new one somewhere else. I tried straightening it out a ridiculous number of times before I had to … Read More

Minding the Motifs on Blaster Modifications

September 26, 2016By Andi

Blaster’s chunky triangle motifs are the feature of the pattern, but they also make it a little tricky to modify and customize. The pattern has triangles at the base of all of the eyelet columns, and for some sizes, there are additional triangles at the sides, so they fully wrap around the waist with no … Read More

Keeping Track of Blaster’s Eyelets

September 19, 2016By Andi

The eyelet columns on Blaster are worked every four rows, so it can be a little tricky to keep track of them if you’re not experienced with reading your knitting. The easiest way to figure out if you’re on a plain RS row or a patterned RS row is to work to the eyelet column … Read More