Henriette Blocked and with Buttons

November 23, 2016By Andi

I had this whole mopey post about how I lost interest in finishing sweaters unless I have pattern pictures to take and blah blah blah, but it all feels really silly now, so I’m going to summarize, okay? Right after I finished knitting my Blaster cardigan for the KAL, my coworker at my part-time job … Read More

We’re Better Together

November 14, 2016By Andi

I had a blog post about my recent personal-knitting slump lined up, but once again this year, I’m finding it difficult to write about crafts as if nothing else is going on. I can’t just chat about knitting like everything is normal because everything is not normal. My country elected an openly-bigoted man with no … Read More


October 28, 2016By Andi

Halloween is a few days away, and after that is the beginning of Christmas madness, which fits perfectly with my last evil toy movie, Krampus. After being taunted by his cousins at an unpleasant family dinner, a little boy accidentally brings the curse of Krampus onto his family, and things turn dark. Some of Krampus’s … Read More

Dead of Night

October 21, 2016By Andi

Whenever I make these list, I always try to include at least one older movie because not only are those still fun movies, but it’s a fun reminder that everything has been around forever in horror. The 80s are kind of king when it comes to evil toy movies, but Dead of Night from 1945 … Read More

Repairing Marion’s Elbow

October 19, 2016By Andi

I was at my part-time job a few weeks ago, and I started to notice a breeze on my elbow. I looked notice and was dismayed to see that I wore through the elbow of my grey Marion. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me again! I’ve worn through the right elbows of three … Read More