Planning Buttons for Anaheim

July 20, 2017By Andi

Anaheim has buttons on each side at the waist, and they need to be evenly placed or else one of fronts will end up baggy with the other one tight. It’s not a good look, and a little planning ahead can easily avoid it. You can lay the sweater out flat and mark each side, … Read More

Anaheim’s I-cord Edging

July 13, 2017By Andi

If you’re knitting Anaheim without tie modifications, the i-cord is worked all the way around the opening, and it can be challenging to visualize from the instructions because the pattern has you picking up stitches, joining in the round, and then knitting a bunch of odd, itty bitty rows. The pattern photos show the end … Read More

OAL2017 Progress

July 6, 2017By Andi

We’ve got a little over three weeks left of the Outfit Along! How are you projects going? I recently started my first sleeve of my Anaheim cardigan. Stockinette in the round is really quick for me to knit, so I’m fairly far along with it even though I only did my i-cord edging last weekend! … Read More

Adding Ties to Anaheim

June 27, 2017By Andi

If you want to turn your Anaheim into a true wrap sweater, you’ll need to add ties instead of the continuous i-cord edging. Your ties will get heavily abraded, so you want to be sure you’re using a hard-wearing yarn before choosing this modification, but here’s how I would do it. I’m using a swatch … Read More

My Knitting Pattern Design Career Evolution

June 16, 2017By Andi

This month was my five-year college reunion, which is a little hard to wrap my brain around. It somehow feels both like more and less time has passed since then. This blog became much less personal after I graduated college for a number of good reasons, but lately I’ve been thinking of where I’m at … Read More