Who’da thunk?

January 17, 2010By Andi

Inspiration is a funny thing. Who would of thought that thisPhoto Courtesy of Sally Jane Vintage would inspire this? I wanted to imitate the drama of a fur trimmed cardigan by using cables and garter stitch. I took some elements and ignored some others that wouldn’t translate well to a heavier knit. For example, I … Read More


January 16, 2010By Andi

The last thing I knit in 2009 was knit with the same yarn as the first thing I knit in 2009. I ran out of yarn for a cuff on this sweater but I had knit my sister a hat in the same colorway last January and used the left overs to finish this sweater. … Read More

Thrift Store Finds

January 14, 2010By Andi

I do very little shopping when I’m at school so I always try to cram it all in when I’m at home. The other day I hit the thrift stores with my friend Vicki. She’s extremely fun to go thrift store shopping with because she always tries on the weirdest stuff. Here’s what I found … Read More

Bed Jacket

January 13, 2010By Andi

This is my first FO of 2010! It was cast on and cast off in about a week. Not a bad start for the year. Sorry about the cream on cream in this photos. It was raining out and there are slim pickings inside my parents’ house for indoors shots. My Grandma gave me some … Read More

In the Back Yard

January 12, 2010By Andi

My sister requested that I do a post of fat dog pictures. Here are some pictures of Bean, in all her glory, romping around the back yard. Expect some real posts soon. I have to sew buttons on a few things and photograph stuff. I’ve just been a bit busy.