Seamless Set-in Sleeve KAL 2018

December 9, 2017By Andi

Is it too soon to start talking about our next KAL? I don’t think so! This year the Selfish Sweater KAL is getting a rebrand and will be now known as the Seamless Set-in Sleeve KAL. There are three big reasons for this. First, doing something nice for yourself like knitting a sweater shouldn’t be … Read More

Introducing Adiantum

November 20, 2017By Andi

Designs often go through a number of variations in my sketchbook before I ever pick up my knitting needles, and typically that process helps me narrow down to the single best version, but sometimes it’s hard to choose just one version. And so sometimes I choose not to make that decision! That was the case … Read More

Julgran – A Christmas Pullover

October 25, 2017By Andi

It’s so hard to figure out when the right time is to release a Christmas sweater pattern! I love Halloween and American Thanksgiving, so I don’t like the idea of talking about Christmas stuff before it, but when it comes to knitting, that can be necessary. Now is the ideal time to cast on a … Read More

Summer Sewing Roundup 2017

October 4, 2017By Andi

I did a surprising amount of sewing this summer, compared to what I usually get done. Three dresses and three peasant blouses! You saw my OAL dress, but none of my other projects made it onto the blog. Now that summer is officially over, it feels like it’s well past time to share it all! … Read More

Salal Yarn and Resources

September 27, 2017By Andi

I’ve had this mint green Bumblebirch Forage in my stash for ages. It’s given me so many good ideas for new designs, but it’s never felt quite right for a pattern because it’s a more subdued color, so the design ideas get knit up in different yarns, like the yellow pullover I shared recently on … Read More