Red Vine

October 15, 2009By Andi

I could have sworn that I blogged about this hat ages ago! These pictures are about a month old. Today was rainy yet again so I wore this bad boy. I hate wearing hoods so I usually wear wool hats. They keep my hair just as dry. The hat is another original design. It was … Read More


October 14, 2009By Andi

I switched out the memory card on my camera for a bigger one sometime at the beginning on the year. I was looking at what was on my old card a few days ago and found some FO pictures that I must have forgotten about. I’m proud to present Bandito, my shawlette-scarf-thingy that I knit … Read More

Spice Up Your Life!

October 6, 2009By Andi

This is one of my favorite things that I’ve made. I call it my Spice Girls dress. I was inspired by the short dresses and square necklines of the 90’s that I associate with the Spice Girls. I don’t think I’ve ever worn it as a dress, though. It is WAY too short. These are … Read More

Beehives and Bows

September 27, 2009By Andi

Last night, while feeling rather bored, I attempted to put my hair into victory rolls and failed. I decided I wasn’t really feeling the 40’s anyways and put my hair into a toned down beehive. My hair is barely shoulder length and quite layered so it’s difficult to style it. I can’t wait for my … Read More


September 1, 2009By Andi

Remember how I said I was on a bow binge? This is a little knit bow-tie/scarflet I knit to go with my tomato red coat. I used hooks from a hook and eye set to close it in back. It lays flat that way. Being adjustable is handy too. The hooks grab the ridges of … Read More