Adding Ties to Anaheim

June 27, 2017By Andi

If you want to turn your Anaheim into a true wrap sweater, you’ll need to add ties instead of the continuous i-cord edging. Your ties will get heavily abraded, so you want to be sure you’re using a hard-wearing yarn before choosing this modification, but here’s how I would do it. I’m using a swatch … Read More

My Knitting Pattern Design Career Evolution

June 16, 2017By Andi

This month was my five-year college reunion, which is a little hard to wrap my brain around. It somehow feels both like more and less time has passed since then. This blog became much less personal after I graduated college for a number of good reasons, but lately I’ve been thinking of where I’m at … Read More

Counting Stitch Markers

June 14, 2017By Andi

Before I got really good at “reading” my knitting, I was a devoted counting stitch marker user, and I’m constantly surprised by how few knitters are familiar with them. The concept is simple: markers get linked together, and as you pass them from one needle to the next, you move down the chain of markers. … Read More

Picking Up the Shoulders and Joining the Underarms

June 7, 2017By Andi

After you finish your upper back on a top-down sweater like Anaheim, you’ll slip your stitches onto holders, break your yarn, and get ready to start the fronts. You’ll join new yarn and pick up stitches along the cast-on edge with the RS facing for each front at the points illustrated below. Anaheim gives an … Read More

Anaheim Resources

June 1, 2017By Andi

The Outfit Along starts today! I cast on my Anaheim using the long-tail method, and I’m working on US 8/5 mm needles. Yes, I had to go up a needle size for my own pattern! This is why it’s really important to knit a swatch and check your gauge. In my case, my gauge on … Read More