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  • Saying Goodbye to Miette and Introducing Crumb

    Saying Goodbye to Miette and Introducing Crumb

    Miette is retiring! This may come as a surprise, but I’ve been planning it for a few years. At the end of this year, December 31, 2018, Miette will no longer be available for download. I’m sure that will be disappointing for some of you, and that’s why I wanted to provide plenty of notice…

  • Miette Plus a Year

    Okay, technically my sweater is more than a year old because the pattern is a year old as of yesterday, but I have no idea when I finished my sweater so this is close enough for me! Vlog 3 from Andi Satterlund on Vimeo.

  • Miette

    I am horribly excited about this. I was going to save this for my next post because it would be my 100th, but I couldn’t wait. (I also don’t have anything else to post about.) I was going to hold out until tomorrow so I could post this earlier in the day, but here I…

  • Untangling Knots Turned 10!

    Untangling Knots Turned 10!

    Last Friday I was knitting with my friends, and we got on the topic of my blog. I mentioned that this space will be ten years old next year, which is kind of cool, and the conversation moved on to other things. Well, I got home that night and got into bed, and it suddenly…

  • My Knitting Pattern Design Career Evolution

    My Knitting Pattern Design Career Evolution

    This month was my five-year college reunion, which is a little hard to wrap my brain around. It somehow feels both like more and less time has passed since then. This blog became much less personal after I graduated college for a number of good reasons, but lately I’ve been thinking of where I’m at…