After binge watching Island at War followed by a bunch of Joan Hickson Miss Marple episodes, I decided that I needed a long, cozy, casual, retro sweater. Big pockets and a collar were mandatory, and what I came up with, Armande, is a delightful 40s- and 50s-inspired mishmash of a cardigan. I wanted to do the whole thing seamlessly, so I used a construction similar to From A to Z. The body is knit from the bottom up with the button bands knit simultaneously, and then sleeves are knit from the top down using short rows to shape the sleeve caps. The end result is a sweater that works with pretty much all of my wardrobe. If you decide to knit one for yourself, please check Armande’s Ravelry page because I’ve been made aware of a few errors, and you can find the corrections there for now.

8 Responses to “Armande”

  1. Constance says:

    I really like the idea of the button bands being knit simultaneously. That will make it go by even faster.

    • Andi says:

      It does go faster, but it’s also harder to customize because it’s more challenging to recalculate the button placement if you decide to alter the length.

  2. Beautiful! Love the yarn color you picked for this one, and also the styling for the photos :)

  3. Helen says:

    Wow, I finally found a cardigan that seems just right! The only downside is that I am a crocheter not a knitter. :( I often look at your garments and think, hmmm perhaps I should try knitting again?

  4. Lucinda says:

    I absolutely adore this pattern, this one may be my favorite one of your patterns so far!

  5. liz says:

    Hi Andi!

    I’m in the process of making Armande, and I just have a quick question:

    I’m about to start the Upper Body section, but there are two RS rows in a row in the pattern. (work 7 rows even, next row is a buttonhole row and then it goes to the first RS increase row for the upper body)

    Is there supposed to be a WS row worked even between those two? I imagine so, but I don’t want to mess anything up!

    Thanks for your help, and I’m loving the pattern so far!

  6. deborah griffis says:

    I love your patterns! Finally patterns for the not so flat gals! I have dropped everything to start your two new ones. Currently working on Armande in a cinnamon brown.

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