December 18, 2009By Andi

This was my first top down raglan with out using a pattern. Apparently I have trouble deciding when things are really finished because I was done with this sweater in October but I was trying to decide if I wanted to rip it out and re-knit the bottom. Below freezing weather made me decide that … Read More

My Basic Purse

December 16, 2009By Andi

This is the third incarnation of this purse. I made a similar one as a present for a friend when I was a junior in high school. I made some changes that suit my own purse habits and made myself this version of the bag. It still had problems (like I didn’t put a zipper … Read More


December 12, 2009By Andi

The other day it was hardcore windy out so I wanted to put my hair up. I attempted to french braid it and was successful for the third time ever. Unfortunately my hair is still fairly short so it looked a bit messy in the back where I tried to twist the braid ends out … Read More

Nice to Meet You

December 4, 2009By Andi

Dear Audience: Hi there! I have no idea who you are or if I even have an audience. I’d like to meet you. I’d also like to find some new blogs to read. To kill two birds, leave me a comment introducing yourself with a link to your blog and I’ll check it out. I’m … Read More

H&M Sweater

December 3, 2009By Andi

Cabled Sweater: H&M – Spotty Dress: Talbots – Wool Tights: Smart Wool – Knitting: Dapper #2 Once upon a time, I saw this sweater on a cute Swedish blogger. I had no idea where it came from so I saved a picture of it so that I could knit it and I spent some time … Read More